For one lone cat £13 per night

Two cat's £22 per night

Three cat's £28 per night

Four cat's £35 per night

An extra £5 is charged for each cat after 4

Prices includes food & cat litter

Welcome to our Home Cattery

Care of Your Cats

Cat's are not housed with other people's cats or pets, they are kept in their own lodge from one lone cat up to 6 cat's from the same family in one lodge.

Your cat will have access to a high quality brand of dry kibble and water at all times, meat pouches are also given unless your cat is on a limited diet.  I am happy to administer medication but not injections, groom your cat and clip claws if necessary.

Cat's are carefully monitored throughout the day, temperature of the room, how much your cat is eating - overeating is managed and under eating is encouraged with sardines and treats.  Litter trays are kept clean with removing unwanted odours soon after they arrive.  Younger cats and the more energetic breeds are given a variety of safe cat toys to play with.  Toys on strings are not permitted.  There are lots of hiding places and ledges to explore.  Cats are able to observe different species of pets who are also boarding in a safe way using distance and plastic screening.

The lodges are all themed, I am unable to reserve preferred lodges as it is which lodge is available and clean on arrival due to not moving cats once they are checked in unless another lodge becomes available during their stay. 

All bedding, toys and equipment are included in the price.  Furniture is steam cleaned and disinfected before and after your cat's stay,  all bedding is washed at high temperatures and tumble dried.  

Only your cats crate is permitted to stay in the lodge no bedding or toys brought from home are allowed due to cross contamination.  Cat's don't tend to sleep on any bedding brought from home this only benefits cat parents, cat's seem to like the bedding and facilities. Just like we do on our holidays.

Jungle Room

The jungle room can accommodate 1 to 4 cats.  The inside area has a comfy settee, climbing tree, heater, cat flap & another bed in front of the window.  Most cats like to sleep on the large climbing tree during their stay.

The outside area has 2 huts to hide in, one has a small heater for cats who prefer to be outside, it is also heavily insulated and makes the perfect place to sleep during summer.

Your cats will have access both indoor and outdoor areas via a cat flap and will find a cat litter tray in both areas.

There may also be rabbits or ferrets in the next pen.  There are no cats directly next to the outdoor area.

Butterfly Room

The Butterfly room accommodates 1 to 3 cats.  The outside area has a hut on a high ledge, with other high ledges which wrap around inside the enclosure, from the high ledges your cat will have views of the next door garden and across the road, being able to spy on the local wildlife.  There is a chair in a very shady spot.

Access through a cat flap to the inside lodge and two cat litter trays one in each area.

The inside area has a very high climbing tree with a hammock to hide in, a ledge for viewing the garden and another bed on a high ledge to view the garden.  Plenty of areas to hide and spy.

Egyptian room

This room is suitable for 1 to 4 cats as it is a room inside my main cabin area very needy cats or cats staying for a long period of time would be able to get extra attention when needed as I am in the main cabin for most of the day.


This room is new for 2020 & has been built during the corona lock down.  It has a large cat tree with 3 beds and a hammock. Also a comfy chair and a cat flap to an outside area.  There are 3 extra large windows & a window door to the main cabin area giving cats access to spy on all their surroundings.

The outside area is long with extra large viewing/climbing shelves and a hut to hide in.

Beach Room

The Beach room has both indoor and outdoor areas, suitable for 1 to 4 cats.  There is a large cat tree with hammocks and a hide box.  A bed next to the window and a comfy chair next to the heater.  Cat litter trays in both areas.  There are 4 windows giving great views on 3 of the walls.


Outside is a heated fully insulated hut which will also be a great place to hide in the summer making it a cool place to get away, another hut to hide in on high ledges.  Your cats will feel comfortable and at home being able to keep entertained with the chicken and quails which live in the pen next to them.

The Manor House

This room has both extra large indoor & outdoor areas.  It can accommodate 1 to 7 cats.  With lots of space, sleeping areas, ledges both indoors and outdoors.

  An extra large climbing tree & 2 outdoor huts. Plenty of views and places to hide and spy.  Lots of toys available for the more playful cats.

Bird Room

The Bird Room is for 1 to 4 cats, it has lots of places both indoors and outside to explore with an extra large cat tree and windows on 3 of the walls of the room. A cat flap, both indoor & outdoor cat litter trays.

more rooms to follow when finished up loading