For one lone cat £13 per night

Two cat's £22 per night

Three cat's £28 per night

Four cat's £35 per night

Prices includes food & cat litter

Welcome to our Home Cattery

Care of Your Cats

Cat's are not housed with other people's cats, they are kept in their own lodge from one lone cat up to four cat's from the same family in one lodge.

Your cat will have access to Iams's dry kibble and water at all times unless your cat is on a limited diet.  I am happy to administer medication, groom your cat and clip claws if necessary.

I am able to spend as much time as your cat requires as some cats are more needy then others.  I have full view of your cat from my kitchen window so I will be able to keep an eye on your cat at all times.

Your welcome to come for a pre visit prior to making a boarding booking, please see my opening times on my contact page and make an appointment.