One lone Guinea Pig £3 per night inc food

Each additional Guinea Pig £2 per night inc food


Guinea pigs

All photo's are of previously boarding guinea pigs staying with me

Indoor Guinea Pigs

Most Guinea Pigs are kept indoors in nicely decorated cages.  With plenty of hay, fresh veggies and dry mix given every day.

  They are cleaned out every other day, newspaper is used to line their cages.  


Guinea Pigs are given a brush and their nails are clipped if needed free of charge.  Parasite control must be given prior to boarding to help prevent infestations.  Spot on treatment may be purchased from myself when checking in at cost price, ask for details.


With weather permitting, Guinea pigs are put out in fully enclosed runs on the grass for exercise and an opportunity for mental stimulation and grazing, the runs have Guinea Pig huts for them to hide in and shading from the sun and wind.


Skinny Pigs are always kept indoors and let out in the cabin for some exercise, vitamin D is available and can be added to their drink containers on request.

Outdoor Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are kept outside only if they are used to being outside.  They have nice roomy hutches to board in with guinea pig huts inside and lots of bedding.

They also are given fresh hay and veggies every day.