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Guinea pigs

Guinea Pigs are herd animals in the wild and are extremely sociable. I have noted that when the weather is bad and I am unable to take the guinea pigs out of their hutches and place them in the pens with other Guinea pigs around they get very depressed.  They will just lay down all day and become very quiet or they will come to the front of the hutch and will be extremely noisy as though they are asking to come out.

For this reason I take them out every morning first thing and don't put them away until last thing at night.

Female Guinea Pigs will never fight and like to sit around chatting and eating all day.  If you have a female guinea pig I will ask you if you mind her joining the other girls.  Your guinea pig will be double checked that she is a she and will be checked for parasites.

Your girls will be much happier joining the other girls in the same pen on their holiday.

In the evening they are put in their own hutches with their own family or friends which were brought together from home. 


Male Guinea pigs are never placed with guinea pigs from other families or with the girls.  Instead they are put in a separate pen next to another family's male guinea pigs so that they can interact with each other in a safe way.

Male Guinea pigs from different family groups may fight especially if there are girls around.

They can get very excited when seeing other guinea pigs as there are not many opportunities to be this sociable.

Sun umbrellas are placed over the pens to keep out the sun or rain.  The pens all have huts to hide in and plenty of hay.

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