One lone Guinea Pig £4 per night inc food

Each additional Guinea Pig £2 per day inc food


Guinea pigs

All photo's are of previously boarding guinea pigs staying with me

Indoor Guinea Pigs

Indoor Guinea Pigs will still be put outside during the summer periods during the daytime only with weather permitting for mental stimulation and socialising.  They will then always be put in an indoor hutch at night in my cabin which is kept at room temperature.  During the cold months they will have a pen set up on the cabin floor for exercise.

Outdoor Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs have nice roomy hutches for night time which are either outside or inside. 

Guinea pigs are always put away at night in hutches.

During the day they are kept in pens down the garden next to other guinea pigs for socializing in a safe way, they are kept in different pens from other people's guinea pigs and stay in their own family groups. This gives them mental stimulation during the day with lots to chat about with their neighbouring guinea pigs.

Every guinea pig is checked for parasites and will be treated and isolated for the duration of their stay if found to have any.

I don't accept items brought from home due to cross contamination, I have plenty of food and equipment available here which is always disinfected between each guinea pig stay.

Left over veggies brought from home and newspapers are always appreciated.

They have shelter from the rain and sun.  With huts to hide in. Fresh water and high quality eating hay and fresh veggies every day.

During the summer they are kept outside until late in the evening as they are more active after 6 pm and early in the morning during hot weather, they are never kept outside once it is dark.

The Guinea Pig pens are placed under a large tree for added shade as well as large sun umbrellas with which are UV resistant.

I feed either Burgess or pets at home pellets.  Plenty of hay and fresh veggies which are kept topped up during the day.