Please note prices are charged per night until 12.00 noon on the last day of pet care, after 12.00 noon an extra over stay is charged.

Pet boarding takes place in my own home.  I have a large garden with a large enclosed decking area and a large enclosed grass area.  There is someone at home 24 hours, pets are never left unattended, throughout the day, eveing and night time.  My entire time is spent with my animals.  I have a variety of different cages, avairies and enlosures to cater for most varieties of animals.

I have a large 21ft by 16ft insulated cabin to house a variety of different animals.  Some of the cages inside the cabin have thermostated heating to cater for animals in need of extra warmth.


Suitable housing for all your pet requirements



Dogs are always kept in my home and are welcomed as my own.

Dogs must be up to date with their vaccinations, wormed and have been treated for fleas even if they donot have fleas at regular times throughout the year.  Dogs must be able to get on with other dogs and show no signs of aggresion.

Dogs get up to two walks per day for one hour each walk depending on their health, age and breed.  Some dogs may need more then two hours per day such as working dogs, a surcharge will be added for the extra walk needed.

All dogs are showered and groomed during their stay, the amount will depend on the breed and lengh of coat.

During your dogs stay, they will be kept well socialised with lots of human contact and will be taken out to different places, your dog will not be left unsupervised, there is always someone with them.



Prices start at £12 per night for smaller dogs such as a Jack Russel, medium size such as spanials are £15 and £20 per night for the larger breeds such as German Shepherds and Labradors.  Extra large dogs are £25 per night.

Larger rabbit breeds can also be catered for.  Giant breeds such as this lady currently laying on my settee will have large accomodation in a small shed pictured on the right plus the run of the garden during the day


Rabbits are kept outside in an insulated 6ft x 2ft x 3ft hutch with a litter tray, warm bed, water bottle and excess to rabbit pellets and hay at all times.  Your rabbit will have excess to the garden area for at least 3 hours per day via a step to help him or her in and out of the hutch.  

Your rabbit will be groomed and checked over every day.

Your Rabbit can be kept in an indoor cage inside the warm cabin with access to the cabin area if it is used to being an indoor rabbit.  This is 21ft x 16ft x 9ft, Please ask availability when booking.



£5 per day plus £3 per day for each additional rabbit.

Our delux shed for Rabbits, fully insulated with nice decor inside.  7ft x 6ft x4ft.

Please ask availability when booking.


Guinea pigs are housed in large 4ft wide indoor rabbit cages inside the cabin where it is nice and warm, they have time in an outdoor pen 4ft square so that they can have access to fresh grass and some time out.

Your Guinea pig will be groomed, handled and checked over each day with clean sawdust, hay and straw for bedding which is changed every other day.



£3 per day plus £2 per day for each additional Guinea Pig.



Ferrets have a four storey hutch, large pen area or if they are used to being kept indoors will have a large indoor cage which has lots of levels and kept in the heated cabin.  your ferret will have at least two hours per day out of their hutch and brought into the house for playtime with lots of toys, tunnels and human interaction.

Price List For Ferrets

£5 per day plus £3 for each additional ferret.

Chinchilla's and other small rodents

Chinchillas are kept in 6ft wide by 2ft high cages with lots of wooden ledges to jump on and lots of pots to hide in.  Their cages are lined with tiles on the walls and floor, this is to mimic their natural habitate of living on rocks and hiding in crevices of rocks, the cages also keep them cool in the summer.  Chinchillas are also let out of their cage every day for a runaround in the cabin.

Other rodents such as rat, hampsters and mice are kept in similar cages or multilevel cages, smaller rodents are brought in their own cages from home.



Prices start at £15 per week for a rodent on a 7 night basis.

Chickens, Ducks and other Poultry

I can accomodate most breeds of poultry, they have the run of my garden and a 20ft long completely enclosed run which half of this is covered from the rain, wind and bad weather


PRICES start from £15 per week, per bird on a 7 night basis.