Pet Home Visits


£10 for one visit  

£5 for each additional visit

Have the peace of mind from the benifits of having a Home Visit while your away

Your cat will be able to stay in her own home without the stress of moving to a cattery.  While your away they will have their litter tray cleaned out regularly, the cat flap if there is one will be checked that it is operational each day.  They will be fed at the same time each day so will get to know when to expect my arrival.  This way I am also able to give them a health check to see if they are ok.

Your pets will feel safe and not disrupted from going to a strange place, will be less stressed and different types of pets can stay together as they have been used to.

Your mail will be picked up and placed in a safe place.  Lights will be put on in the evening and turned off in the morning

You can have multiple pets looked after without the added expence of boarding them all as individuals as home visits are charged by the hour and not per pet

Your curtains will be opened in the morning and closed in the evening for the illusion that someone is in, drinks and food can be removed from the freezer ready for your return.