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The Cattery

All cat rooms come with the following

Themed rooms for mental stimulation
Individual heaters with thermostat control
Air conditioning units when required
Cool gel mats

Pet bowls and cat litter trays
Water fountains available - request on check in
Lots of toys - more toys are placed for younger cats and even more are always available on request at check in 
Radio - request on Check in to help more nervous/stressed/Elderly cats to settle
Additional chairs/low stools are available on request at check in for the less mobile or the Elderly
Lots of bedding, rugs - Different beds and places to hide for shy cats
Large tall outdoor areas, approximately 10ft in height

Ledges at different heights for observation and to encourage exercise
The rooms have large windows to allow in light and fresh air. They have shutters or curtains to make viewing optional for shy cats
All soft furnishings are washed at high temperatures, tumble dried and steam cleaned where needed
The rooms are disinfected after each stay
All rooms have cat flaps for easy outside access
The huts in the outside areas also have cat flaps

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Dietary requirements/menu

I provide the following diet which is included in the price, if your cat has a sensitive tummy, food allergies or you use a different brand of food and you think that your cat will not like the food I provide then you will need to bring your own food as I am not able to stock all the brands, the cost of food brought in from a customer is not then deducted from the boarding cost. 

If you use a very expensive brand such as Gourmet gold or other very expensive dry kibble then you will need to bring this food with you.  I only provide the food which I have listed.

Fresh Roast chicken, I always have a chicken cooked and ready for fussy cats or cats which may develop a sensitive tummy while boarding brought on from change of environment or being nervous and not wanting to eat.

John west tinned tuna in water or brine again for cats who can find boarding stressful and may go off their normal food.

Dry food is always left down with water unless your cat is greedy or on a strict diet.

Iams, Purina one, Royal Canin regular fit.

Wet food pouches are given in the morning or evenings, during hot weather this may be just restricted to the evenings due to attracting flies.

Felix in jelly - all the varieties

Whiskers in Jelly - all the flavours

Gourmet pouches


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cat food.jpg

Personal needs

More needy or attention seeking cats will be visited lots of times throughout the day for playtime and cuddles.  There is always a chair in each of the rooms for me to sit and spend some time with your cat.  Some cats prefer to be left alone and are evaluated and observed for their individual needs while boarding.

There is always a cat litter tray in the indoor area as well as the outdoor area, additional cat litter trays are added for families with more cats.

The litter trays are checked several times throughout the day and a full replacement done depending on your cats toileting requirements or health issues.

Nail clipping is done if your cat displays adventurous behaviour or for a long stay, please see my terms & conditions regarding nail clipping.  Elderly & indoor cats may require this more often as they sometimes don't always look after themselves after a certain age or are lazy and need some assistance with trimming their nails.  This is included in the boarding cost and is carried out subject to your cats temperament and if required as part of the care for your cat while boarding.

Grooming is carried out subject to your cats temperament, please see terms and conditions on grooming.  It is advised that you groom your cat before a board especially for more than a 1 week stay and if your cat has long fur or matted.  This is included in the board cost as it is part of caring for your cat.  This may not be an option if your cat is very stressed or sensitive about being handled.


I am always happy to administer medication within reason and it is required to be asked before boarding in case it is something that I will not be able to do.  If your cat takes medication crushed in food then it is never a problem, if your cat needs medication physically to be taken down the throat then this will depend on the temperament of your cat, bearing in mind that I am not their owner and it is a different environment to home so it is always best to check.  You will need to sign the registration form and read my terms and conditions regarding medication and vet visits.

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