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Previous pets and how I started pet boarding

Before I started pet boarding I had a lot of different pets who all used to live together and most were not in cages, they were taught and quickly learned how to live along together without too many problems. 

I have always been a believer in not putting animals in cages and instead taken the time to teach them how to get along.

Taking in mind that animals primary needs are companionship, food and shelter, they will fight and become aggressive if any of these needs are not being met or are not used to live in this environment or have been isolated from being exposed to other animals from an early age.

Here are images of some of the pets I used to have before I started pet boarding.

Egyptian Hedgehogs

I used to breed Egyptian hedgehogs, they are not like other hedgehogs, not easy to breed as they are picky about their partners, have lots of attitude, can be very aggressive, not shy creatures at all and not scared of anything.  They will follow each other in a line with in their own family group making them fascinating to watch.

They have long ears and long legs for a hedgehog.


Siamese cats

I had 7 Siamese at one time, too many! I belonged to the Cat fancy club and showed them just a couple of times as I found It was all too particular and clicky for me.  I did win quite a few 1st in show prizes for the 2 times I did go.

I stopped breeding them as it is not easy to trust people that they will care for the kittens properly which is why I ended up with so many, I found it difficult to give them up easily.

It's a hobby and shouldn't be done purely to make money from.

3 of my Siamese.

Suki my favourite cat, I've never been able to replace with another, she just loved to be with the all the other animals.  The kindest cat I've every met.

Playing with the prairie dogs

We had a Doberman called Rosie, she was also very kind to other animals.

and she had puppies!

Chickens and Ducks

First introduction to Sid the Skunk which didn't go down too well, they have been good friends since then they all like to dig up worms and insects finding a common interest!

We incubated fertilized eggs from ebay and was a great success, lots of hand reared ducks and chickens, all good fun..

Lots More to follow!

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