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The Garden


By nature all animals both large and small are very nosey and like to take notice of their surroundings, they can be bold, nervous, shy, affectionate, crave company of others or like to hide away.  The garden provides a lot of entertainment, opportunities to hear and see other animals and in some cases interact with other animals.

All the pet areas and cat rooms are all positioned in a way that all pets can either find somewhere to hide or have full view of the comings and goings. A choice is provided in a way of curtains, shutters on some windows and lots hiding huts and beds in secluded areas of their home.

Some pets can have quite a long time to wait until their owners return from their trips away. Everyone's pets and my own pets seem to provide each other with company, some entertainment and interest.

Seeing other calm and relaxed animals can calm a more shy animal giving a more anxious pet confidence that everything will be ok.  Being able to see where a noise is coming from can also reduce stress.

Images of cats watching other pets n the garden


Small pets are placed under the windows of the cat rooms, none of the small pets are bothered about being watched and seem quite relaxed.

IMG-20220911-WA0006 (1).jpeg
20220712_201052 (1).jpg

Images of cats meeting & enjoying the company of other pets.

IMG-20210501-WA0008 (1).jpg
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