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The Rose Garden

This room is fit for any princess or prince with the feeling of summer all year round both will enjoy staying with a prime view of all the comings and goings on in the garden you will see everything.  With high ledges and places to hide.

The outside area


A well insulated hut to either sit on or hide inside via a cat flap and viewing screen, keeping out the heat and cold elements.

A high ledge for viewing and  stretching.

Lots of bids and butterflies hidden in the foliage and yes your cat can try to catch them

The indoor area

Lots more butterflies and birds to try and catch

The indoor area has a large cat tree at the back, a triple bunk bed in front of the window so your cats can keep an eye on the garden while snoozing or hide away in one of the bottom beds. 

Images of cats enjoying the Rose Garden

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