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£5 per day per single tortoise

£8 per day for 2 sharing 

There may be an increased price if your tortoise is extra large

Please bring enough vegetation for the duration on the holiday, this is not included in the price.

All vegetation is shared out amongst the tortoises in date order so that they will always have fresh veg every day.


Tortoises are constantly supervised as they may tip themselves on their backs or think they are a ninja tortoise and try to climb up and can sometimes get themselves stuck in the smallest of places.


Tortoises are placed in their own separate crate every evening around 6 pm or later if its warmer and are being more active.  They are taken out in the morning around 8 am and positioned in a sunny spot to warm up.  During hot weather they can also get overheated and there are plenty of shady place to find.

Tortoises have the full run of the patio garden.  It is completely enclosed and tortoise proofed. Female tortoises are put together from different families, this way they can get to meet other tortoises and have more space to roam.  Male tortoises will have their own pen or run depending on the size, some male tortoises can be put with the females if they exhibit placid behaviour.

Your tortoise must arrive fit and well and show no signs of illness.

Aggressive tortoises or over eager tortoises will be kept in their own dedicated area.

20220531_093910 (1).jpg
20200215_123310 (1).jpg

During hot weather large shallow dishes of water are left out if they fancy a dip.  All tortoises are bathed in warm water 2 to 3 times per week depending on the time of year and weather conditions or what they would normally require.

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