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Resident Pets

Resident Pets


This is Doris, she lives with a squirrel in the pen next to the Beach Hut room.

Doris is 12 years old and still produces eggs.

Doris used to have chicken friends but they have long gone.  She has even survived a dog attack.  Doris is very friendly and will be happy to sit on your lap, she loves to be stroked and made a fuss of.


Doris sat with her friends many years ago.


We hatched Doris & her friends from eggs in an incubator.


Sid Skunk


Japanese Squirrel

I came across this squirrel by accident while looking for a different pet.  He was being kept in a very small cage approx. 2 ft square, it took 3 years to rehabilitate him as he would spend every second of the day prancing back and forth on the same ledge of 2ft wide for about 3 years even though he has a huge cage. He gradually stopped doing this over the years. I haven't seen him do this for several years and has lived with Doris the chicken for the last 10 years.  He will sometimes come out his cage and have a run around the garden and the tree for about 30 minutes and then will go back into his cage on his own accord, he loves pistachio nuts, brazil nuts and carrots.

He is not bothered about the cats watching him and seems to enjoy putting on a performance for them, with a high pitch screech of excitement as he runs across in front of them doing somersaults and spinning upside down.


Sid has been brought up with lots of different animals especially cats.  He likes to go and say hello to all the pets which are staying.  These Images of him with boarding cats are cats which have stayed on a long term basis and have had the time to develop a relationship with him, owners being notified.

Sid has never sprayed his sent and uses a litter tray.

Skunks only have a certain amount of sent stored in their glands which is used in a life a death situation and then can take up to 10 days to refill, leaving a skunk extremely vulnerable during this time.

Other wise they have a slight musky smell which can only be detected up very close a bit like Chanel no 5.

Cats are very cautious at first meeting him until they realise that he is very harmless.  He is very kind and gentle, he will share his food and will try out some of the cats beds.  He has been known to steal teddies, blankets and customers bags which he will run off with to hide in his bed. He is extremely greedy and very fat.

Your more likely to see him in the winter either mornings or evenings as during colder weather skunks in the wild seek out company of others more than in the summer.

Sid prefers peoples pets and is extremely shy of people, if he senses someone he doesn't know he will go back in his bed to hide.  He is very short sighted, he rubs his sent onto my shoes so that he can easily identify me from other members of the family and other people.


Sid doesn't have a cage and has freedom of the garden, his bed is in my main cabin and roams freely.  He has yearly vaccinations and is wormed and flead monthly.  He also has his nails trimmed monthly.

The other pets seem to enjoy watching him, he is a great asset providing lots of entertainment.


He used to have stripes and then one year after a moult they never grew back again for some reason.


Marmoset Monkeys


If you see Melvin and Gloria, your always welcomed to go and say hello to them, they are extremely social.  They live in a run next to the Bird room and will be watching you even if you don't notice them. They both like lots of strokes especially Melvin.  They have never bitten, however they are still wild animals and caution should always be taken.  Please don't approach them if you have a cold, cough or even a cold sore as they can catch everything that humans can and a cold sore could kill them.  They are brother and sister so won't breed.

Gloria is very dominant and doesn't like Melvin getting any attention so she needs to be approached first to get her approval.

They have a fresh diet only of fruit, vegetables, dairy and protein in a way of live insects.

They also have access to a UVB light and have an indoor house inside their enclosure which is kept heated.

They both like watching all the animals and humans which come down the garden and provide entertainment for cats which are boarding in the Bird room next to them.


Melvin & Gloria have been living here for more than 10 years.  I first me them on the internet where they where being kept in a tiny parrot cage in Ireland.  I had them brought over to me at great expense, when they arrived they were both underweight and had light tan faces which is a sign of lacking UV light and can affect their bones. 

Thankfully Monkey world has now made it compulsory for people to have a licence before owning any species of monkey.


Prairie Dog

A younger Audrey

I used to have 5 Prairie dogs and now I only have 1 left called Audrey, she is now about 10 years old and is now very skinny from old age she loves lots of cuddles and attention.  Audrey now lives in the house as Prairie dogs cannot live on their own, they live in large family groups in the wild.  If she was left to be isolated then she would get very depressed and lonely, she now loves to watch people coming into the garden, her cage is by the patio window so that she gets full view of all the comings and goings.

Audrey has a bell which she rings when she wants some attention.

Prairie dogs are extremely intelligent rodents.  They live on the Prairies from Canada and stretch across Western America to Mexico.  

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