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Terms & Conditions for Cats

The Terms and Conditions set out an agreement between ‘you’ the owner, and me Amanda ‘the Carer’.  Submission of a Booking will confirm the owner/s acceptance of the Terms and Conditions and their desire to progress with a Booking.  They have also read all relevant policies.  I am third party insured, hold a home boarding 5-star licence under Bracknell Forest and my pet first aid is in date.  I agree to renew both boarding licence and third-party insurance every year to help keep your cat/s to be both safe and secure, these documents can be seen at any time.  You agree to provide full and detailed information on the registration form about your cat/s.

All cats must be up to date with their vaccinations.  Worming and flea treatments must have been administered within the previous 4 weeks prior to boarding.  Evidence via a vet vaccination card or certificate must be brought at the start of each board.  You further agree to deliver your cat in a clean and healthy condition.  I must be notified of any illness or injury which your cat has incurred prior to a board.

If you have a long haired breed of cat such as a ragdoll or Persian, you must make sure that your cat arrives with very little or no visible mats, I will then agree to maintain the condition of your cats fur, however I am not a qualified groomer and can only do my best depending on the temperament of your cat therefore I am not liable for any further matts developing during a board.

On check in if your cat appears ill, has open wounds, or deemed unfit to board you will be asked to take your cat to a vet & then re check in with a vet report, you will still be charged the daily rate during absence.  I have the right to refuse entry if I feel your cat could be at risk to cause illness to other boarding animals or deemed unfit to board.

It is advised that your cat has a pre board health check, and it is compulsory for a long board (more than 2 weeks)


If your cat becomes unwell or has an accident during the board, I will take her/him to a Veterinary Surgery, preferably your own registered one.  I am registered at Kynoch in Crowthorne to take boarding pets if it is an emergency and I am unable to make an appointment with your own vet or if it is too far away.  You agree to be responsible for payment of Veterinary fees incurred upon your return.  I do recommend that your cat is insured against sickness, accident, injury, and third-party liability prior to the start of the board.  The booking form gives me authorisation to take your cat/s to the Vet’s, if necessary, whilst also confirming you will either reimburse me or pay the Veterinary Surgery directly. Although I make every effort to ensure your cat/s are cared for to my high standards I cannot be liable for loss, injury, or death it is at your own risk.

There may be an occasion where your cat has either been in an accident or become so ill that the vet is unable to treat your cats needs and is in her/his opinion the only outcome is euthinisation, you will be immediately informed and may be required to speak to the vet directly.  In the unlikely event of a death during the board, your cat will be taken to your named surgery, or the vet called to collect from the cattery.  You will be informed immediately, and a conversation made of your wishes.  In any event I am not able to hold a deceased animal and will be either transferred to your named vet surgery who may want to transfer to a pet mortuary which you will be informed the time.  You agree to cover the cost of this incurred on your return.

In any event of any emergency if myself the carer is unable to proceed with the board; I will endeavour to transfer the board to your emergency contact provider or a preferred named cattery.  Otherwise, they will be cared for at the cattery by my named emergency provider. Of either Stephen Dresou (husband) or Jackie Dresou (mother-in-law).

You agree to check your cat in & out at the agreed times, if you are late or early this can cause disruption to other people, however if you are going to be late due to unforeseen circumstances, please let me know in advance whenever possible.

I am happy to accept bookings for un-spayed females if they are under 6 months old.  No entire male will be accepted over the age of 4 months.

I supply a variety of dry kibble which is included in the price, dry food and water is always available for your cat/s.  You may bring your own food if you prefer or if your cat is on a special diet, there is no reduction in boarding fees if you choose to.


I do not except bedding, toys or any equipment brought from home as this may cause cross contamination with the bedding & toys provided in the room or it may be damaged, broken or soiled during the board.  If insisted that any equipment is brought from home due to health reasons, it is at the owner’s risk, and I am not liable for any damage incurred to the equipment.  A special blanket may be left in your cat’s carrier, but I am not liable to wash it and it may be returned to you damaged or soiled or I may have needed to discard it which I am also not liable for the cost to you incurred.  It is also your responsibility to take it away with you, I am not responsible for returning it to you.

Terms of payment and deposit

I accept either cash on drop off or via bank transfer 3 days prior to the board start.

Due to the limited room available I will require a 20% deposit to secure a cat board booking.  My clients and their pets are important to me, so I need to plan and allocate going forward to reduce disappointment. I will inform you at the time of the booking how much the deposit will be, and your booking will be confirmed and guaranteed once I receive the deposit money which must be made within 7 working days of your request, after which your booking may be cancelled, a new request will need to be submitted and will then depend on availability at the time.  The remaining balance is required at the start of the board.

If you wish to cancel your booking, you may do so however your deposit is non-refundable in any case and cannot be carried forward to other future board dates.  If you cancel the booking for any reason less than 7 days prior to your board start the full balance must still be paid due to not having enough time to rebook your allocated cat room.

You can reduce the dates of your board anytime, however if it is less than 7 days prior to the start of the board the full agreed original cost must still be honoured.  Extending the board dates can be done at any time without notice but will depend entirely on availability.

If you return early from your holiday and wish to collect your cat, you can do so however there will be no refund.

If for any reason, there is anything in my terms and conditions you wish to discuss with me then please do at any time.

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