One lone rabbit £5 per night.

Two rabbits sharing £8 per night

All prices include everything your rabbit needs including food and parasite control during check in.

Outdoor Rabbits

All photo's are of rabbits which have previously boarded with me

I can accommodate your outdoor rabbit with a variety of large clean and roomy hutches.  Ranging from 4 ft wide by 2ft deep and 6ft wide to 2 ft deep.  Each rabbit will have access to a run either attached to their hutch or time out in a separate fully enclosed run.


Hutches are lined with newspapers instead of sawdust as i find this more hygienic, donations of newspapers are always welcomed.


The 4ft wide hutches are on two levels, giving your rabbit 8ft of floor space as well as their outdoor space.  Outdoor runs have wire on the floor covered with grass or paving slabs so your rabbit will not be able to dig their way out.  Rabbits who are very good at jumping will have access to a run which is completely enclosed with a wired roof.


All rabbits are given fresh veggies, hay, with some carrot and apple for treats.  Left over veggies are always welcomed when checking in your rabbit.

Indoor rabbits

I have a variety of indoor hutches available to accommodate your rabbit, ranging from 4ft wide x 2ft deep up to 8ft wide and 2ft deep.

Hutches are lined with tiles for hygiene and have ledges for your rabbit to hop onto for a better view.  Your rabbit has a nice bed to sleep in and a corner litter tray using wood chip cat litter.

Hutches are lined with newspaper instead of sawdust as I find this more hygienic, donations of newspaper are always welcomed.

Each indoor rabbit will have a time share of the cabin floor for exercise for at least 2 hours per day or some time out in a run in the garden, weather permitting.

Rabbits are allowed to jump up on the settee for a sleep or some pampering.


All rabbits are given fresh hay and veggies every day which include cabbage,  carrots and apples for treats, these are included in the price but leftovers brought from home are always welcomed.