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Health and Hygiene


It is highly recommended that you have your rabbit vaccinated against Myxomatosis and Viral Haemorrhagic Disease. Both these diseases are typically fatal and responsible for regrettable plagues in the wild rabbit populations in the UK. It is also recommended that you have your rabbit vaccinated against fly strike in the spring ready for the summer months.

I am always happy to give medication.  All medicines must be clearly labelled with name and dosage/instructions.

All small furry pets are checked that they are clean underneath, having a pet with faeces stuck to the fur can attract lots of flies and risk your pet catching fly strike.  Please do not be offended If I need to clean your pet before placing in a hutch on arrival.

Small pets are checked through out their board for matted fur or for faeces stuck to the fur.

Nails are also clipped during the board if needed or you may find this a difficult task and always ask me if you need help with these matters, I'm happy to show you.

Cage Cleaning

All of the small pet runs are swept out every evening ready for the morning.  Depending on the size of your pet and how many cage friends are sharing will determine how much their hutches will be cleaned.

In any case they are cleaned out at least 3 times per week, everyday if your pet is large or shares with friends.

Between each pet stay the hutch is cleaned and disinfected and left overnight to dry out before the next guest stay.

All the hutches have plastic flooring with anti slip surfacing.



Please ensure all your rabbits and guinea pigs are treated for parasites prior to boarding with spot-on parasite control.  You can either purchase from your local Vet, Pets stores or the internet.

Hay mites are highly transmissible amongst guinea pigs.

They can lay dormant in your hay bag.  Ensure that your hay is not left in damp areas and that you are not using a bag of hay which has been left opened for more than a month.  It is better to buy small and often rather than bulk buying.

Your guinea pig and Rabbit will be checked for mites on entry.  If your pet is showing signs of them, they will be isolated and treated for the duration of the board.



You're welcome to bring your own food if your Pet is either very fussy or on a special diet, I feed either Burgess/Select/pets at home pellets a variety of different hays every day and kale/dark greens, the occasional carrot, or apples as treats. A contribution of veg is required.


Due to the cost of fresh vegetables and Salad items continuing to increase and you wish your pet to be given such items during their stay if you are able, please bring the quantity of the amount you think that your pet will consume for the duration of their stay.

This will not go off as it is placed in date order in a pet fridge and shared out in date order amongst all our boarding vegetable and salad eaters.  Your welcomed to bring any left-over vegetables or salad which would be normally thrown out prior to your holiday even if your own pet doesn’t normally eat it as there will be other pets here that will.  This will keep the cost of boarding your pet down.



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