It is highly recommended that you have your rabbit vaccinated against Myxomatosis and Viral Hemorrhagic Disease. Both these diseases are typically fatal and responsible for regrettable plagues in the wild rabbit populations in the UK. It is also recommended that you have your rabbit vaccinated against fly strike in the spring ready for the summer months.



It is important that animals do not bring any infestation into my boarding setting, it only takes one animal to bring something in and everyone will be taking something extra home.  


Please ensure all your rabbits, guinea pigs and ferrets are treated prior to boarding with spot-on parasite control.  You can either purchase from your local vet, Pets at home store or from me on day of boarding.  I use Xeno 450 spot-on which is the same as your vet uses.  You can purchase one dosage from me on checking in day.  One rabbit will cost £5, guinea pigs £2.50 and Ferrets are £2.50 each, but will depend on the size of your pet.